Thursday, October 2, 2014

Make Your Collapsible Wire Containers Mobile by Installing Medium-Duty Casters

There are many ways to use medium-duty casters for industrial storage applications.  One way is to install casters on collapsible wire containers.  This allows the wire containers to be pushed by hand and move the containers when a forklift is not available.  You can still move the containers around with a forklift and stack them up to three high.  In the video below you can see we installed medium duty swivel casters with 4" x 2" phenolic wheels rated at 800 lbs. per caster.  Using all 4 swivel casters gives the operator the ability to move the container in infinite positions or tight spaces.  Sometimes we install 2 rigid casters and 2 swivel casters to help keep the containers going in a straight line when being pushed.  
We can do other sizes of wire containers such as 40" x 48" are another popular size.  Many casters options are available and we can also use a floor lock mounted on the wire container to provide a positive stop.

As you can see from the video it takes about 30 seconds or so to "unfold" a collapsed wire container and about the same amount of time to "fold" it back up.

This type of container is good for many storage and picking applications.  Many times these containers are used for storing produce, large and or heavy parts.  The containers have a half drop gate on one of the 40" sides to allow easy picking into the container.  We even store our caster and wheel stock at CMH in the wire containers.  Adding medium-duty casters to these wire containers just adds another advantage to using this type of mobile storage system.

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